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New Hampshire Elopement + Intimate Wedding Photographer

wedding photos that are anything but ordinary

Meet Your Photographer

Hi, I'm Christy, and I'm so happy you're here! A huuuuge CONGRATS to you on your engagement, woohoo!  I can't wait to hear about how the proposal happened!

I'm drawn to vibrant, fun-loving humans like you, who want to forget society's expectations on what a wedding is "supposed" to look like, and instead focus on how to make your day one that truly feels genuine to you and your partner. I'm a huge advocate for my couples having wedding days that are FUN, and photos from it that they'll still be bragging about when they're 85-years-old. 

Photographer Branding Session _ Keene, NH _ Christy of The Francis Frames _ The Francis Fr
for vibrant, fun-loving humans who dare to be different
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Kind Words from the Kindest Humans

Amanda + Mike Wedding _ The Francis Frames-175.jpg

Amanda + Mike

"...we both felt SO comfortable! It felt like they were just another couple of friends at our wedding, but they worked so hard and were so attentive to us and all of our guests... We got our sneak peek photos less than 24 hours after the wedding and they were all incredibly beautiful! I have not been able to stop looking at them!"


I'll Pack My Bags

I'm based out of Keene, NH, and I looooove to travel all throughout New Hampshire, New England, and beyond!


Want to marry your favorite person outside of New England? Let's freaking go!!! I'm super comfortable with traveling and exploring new places, and it will add to the creative vibes of your day for sure!

Book a wedding or session with me in one of my 2023 Travel Locations, and skip all travel fees! 

Book a Bucket List Location for a hefty discount!!

  • Acadia

  • Iceland

2023 Travel Plans

  • Rhode Island - March

  • London, UK - Mid-April

  • Virginia, US - Late April

  • Connecticut - July

  • French Riviera - Late September

  • Joshua Tree

  • Las Vegas

  • Mexico

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Photographer Branding Session _ Keene, NH _ Christy of The Francis Frames _ The Francis Fr


My 10% Promise

It is my mission to donate 10% of each booking to charity! You can feel confident that your investment in your wedding photography will not only bring YOU joy, but will also bring joy to others who are in need. 

Let's uplift the community together, shall we?!


 Journal Entry

You and your partner are unlike any other couple, and you have your own unique story that's worth sharing! It's my pleasure to document your day and tell a snippet of your story with the help of photographs. 

The Journal is where I'll be spilling the beans about the weddings I've documented, and will also be jotting down tips, tricks, and helpful ideas to help you feel as prepared as possible for your big day. 

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Carrie + Corey _ The Francis Frames-290.jpg
Fun, Laid Back Elopement in Jackson, NH _ Jen + Justin _ The Francis Frames-15.jpg
Photographer Branding Session _ Keene, NH _ Christy of The Francis Frames _ The Francis Fr

And I'm So Fricken Excited!

You and I, our journey begins now

I'm honored, and cannot WAIT to hear from you!

In the meantime...

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