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Playful Engagement Session in Hillsboro, NH | Alexa + Dustin

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Alexa and Dustin are two of my closest friends in the whole wide world. I've watched them grow up together, and within their relationship, and it has been one of the biggest joys to be their third wheel throughout all the years :)

Documenting their Engagement Session was an ABSOLUTE DREAM for me, so I knew we had to go all out for it and have a sh*t ton of fun. We decided to center their Engagement Session around Hillsboro, New Hampshire, the town where they met + fell in love. We started out at Fox State Forest, a local, dog-friendly state park in Hillsboro, that has lots of trails to explore. Alexa picked one of her favorite trails that came out by a bridge over a stream, and it was the PERFECT spot to kick things off with - not to mention it had the most GORGEOUS lighting! So Alexa, Dustin, their pup, Archer, and I hiked along the trail and went on our merry way.

The trail was so private (we only saw one other person + one other dog the whole time), so I felt comfortable letting Alexa + Dustin play music from a playlist Alexa created for this shoot. (Note: I'm a big believer in Leave No Trace (LNT), especially when photographing sessions in the outdoors. Part of LNT involves doing your best to not impact others' experiences out in nature. If you play music, it's important that nobody else can hear it so it doesn't detract from their experience. The more you know, eh?)

The music was SO helpful as it relaxed Alexa + Dustin, and helped them dance out whatever nerves they still felt at first (which is totally normal by the way!) I love encouraging my couples to dance a bit during their engagement session, but I honestly didn't even need to prompt them! Alexa + Dustin naturally started dancing in the woods to the music, which naturally led to fun, candid photos of them being their true selves.

We explored other parts of Fox State Forest as well, getting more and more playful with poses, natural lighting, and each other. I'm telling you, these photos are some of my favorite photos I've taken.

After romping around Fox State Forest for a while, Alexa + Dustin changed their outfits, and we all headed to Angus Lea Golf Course, also in Hillsboro, NH, which is where Alexa + Dustin enjoyed hanging out and playing golf together often throughout their relationship. We arrived at the Golf Course just before sunset, and essentially had the whole place to ourselves AGAIN which was fricken delightful! The two of them laughed a lot, goofed around, and pretended to teach each other how to put (if that's the right term hahaha I am definitely not a golfer!) Alexa + Dustin were so sweet together, and I loved that they were able to incorporate this activity that they love so much into their engagement session. It just felt right. Even though I'm not a golfer in the SLIGHTEST, I let the couple guide me through the course, and I documented the little moments of love that I saw throughout. What I'm trying to say is, your Engagement Session is YOURS! I'm so down to do what you two want to do, and to provide you with the most epic photos + memories from it.

When sunset and blue hour came around, the couple changed into their third and final outfits, and we explored some other areas of the golf course, taking in the STUNNING views of the full moon which was UNREAL! Truly, la luna was showing off. Alexa + Dustin sat on a bench that looked out over the course to take a quick break, and I noticed how calm the pond in the middle of the course was. I instantly got inspired. I had them make their way on the opposite side of the pond, and told them to choose a song to dance to (they appropriately chose 'Dancing in the Moonlight') while I worked my magic and got some amazing shots of their reflection on the water. UGH it was SUCH a beautiful, magical moment and gave me LIFE! Alexa + Dustin still say that was one of their favorite moments from the session.

Documenting this well-awaited, and VERY exciting time for Alexa + Dustin was one of the biggest honors I have ever had. They were so playful, sweet, and sexy all at once, and I genuinely feel as though these photos capture them in all their true forms.

Want to have a fun-ass time during your engagement session, too? Get in touch so that we can get the conversation started, and start planning an epic engagement session for you and your partner!

Thanks for reading, and speak soon!



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