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Beautiful September Wedding in the White Mountains | Kary + Sam

When I think back to Kary + Sam's intimate wedding in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a few words come to mind:


I met Kary + Sam a few months before their wedding day for their engagement session on one of the hottest days of the year (kind of posting these blogs in reverse order, but their engagement session will be blogged soon). Luckily I found a spot that was shaded and had a waterfall + river for us to wade in, but honestly, Kary + Sam's spirits were so high the entire time! The two of them were super laid back, but were fun-loving, kind, and just knew the other one so well.

Fast forward to September 4th, 2021, Kary + Sam's wedding day.

The two of them were still just as chilled, even more in love with each other (if that's even possible!), and we're soooo ready to say, "I do" and party! They were blessed with the most gorgeous late-summer weather, complete with blue skies, high temps, and the best view of the mountains as their backdrop. Somehow though, the day felt like early Fall, as the colors were rich and the day felt so cozy.

Upon arrival, tunes were bumping as the couples finished getting ready, and it was evident that everyone was having a fun-ass time. Everyone seemed super chilled and just ready to head to the ceremony so that the party could begin.

The ceremony itself was incredibly gorgeous. White chairs contrasted a green lawn, with an arbor as the focal point. Sunflowers were seen throughout, and, again, the mountains in the background were totally showing off. Kary + Sam had rented the 1785 Inn in North Conway, NH. Nestled in the Mount Washington Valley, they had the whole house to themselves, which made their wedding day feel so cozy. All areas of the house were utilized for their big day, providing so many great areas to eat, hang out, sleep, drink, and dance. It was the perfect setting for their perfect day. In the vast backyard of the property, there was a pool that I'm sure everyone used at some point that weekend because it was so toasty warm, and next to the pool, on the lawn, was where the ceremony took place. So if you're looking to have an intimate wedding in the heart of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and want to feel super relaxed, definitely consider renting the 1785 Inn!

After the ceremony, we went straight into family photos + wedding party photos. They had a decent sized group of both, which honestly meant the vibes were high and that my cheeks hurt from laughing so much! Everyone had loosened up a bit more now that the ceremony was done, and I definitely think these photos speak for themselves in terms of all the personalities that shined through during this time. For family photos + wedding party photos, the most important things are to have fun, and to listen to the photographer so that you can whiz through the photos and get to cocktail hour ASAP! This crew definitely understood the assignment :)

Kary + Sam's cocktail hour was super special because everyone I spoke to couldn't stop talking about how fricken perfect these two are together. Tears were shed, both happy ones for the future of the couple, and also some that honored people who couldn't be there on their big day. It was so touching to witness, and so incredibly special to document. It's hard to try to put this feeling into words, but the best way I can describe it is that you could really feel the love and support Kary + Sam's family + friends had for them, and gosh, if wedding photographs bottle up any feeling, I hope it's that.

Cocktail hour slowly began shifting into introductions of the wedding party, emotional first dances, and hilarious speeches. Then, everyone was invited to head inside for a DELICIOUS buffet dinner, followed by dancing + drinking in the bar-area of the Inn. Without wanting to sound like a broken record, somehow even just shifting indoors, sitting down, and eating among Kary + Sam, and all of their guests, was SUCH a special treat. The conversations had at each table were reminiscing about memories they had with the couple, hopes for their future together, and lots of talk of future children (which the couple were equally stoked at the idea of, don't worry).

The vibe shifted slightly to a more energetic and playful one when the cake cutting was happening. Kary + Sam started off super sweet and got some STUNNING cake-cutting photos, and then ended up producing the most wild cake-feeding moment I've ever witnessed in my time documenting weddings! It got messy, it got competitive, and DANG was it fricken hilarious to witness!

When the guests started gravitating to the dance floor, it will probably come as no surprise to you by now that their dance floor was a whole lot of fun to be around. People of all ages were bustin' moves, and it was truly a pleasure to document it all happening. The smiles, the laughing-so-hard-you-alsmot-pee-a-little moments, the slower, sweeter bits in-between - it all amounted to a lovely end to a beautiful, bright wedding day.

I'm so thrilled to have been a part of Kary + Sam's wedding day, and I feel incredibly honored that they chose me + trusted me to freeze all of those special moments in time for them to relive year after year, and share with their future children (which, at the time of posting this blog, they DO have children of their own!).

Thank you for reading and immersing yourself into Kary + Sam's intimate wedding day. I hope you enjoyed it and truly felt like you were a part of all the fun :)

Speak soon,


The Francis Frames



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