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Mine Falls Park Photo Shoot | Nashua, NH

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

When one of my closest friends, Kayla, reached out to me about doing a couples session with her and her boyfriend, Philip, I couldn't have said YES faster!

Couple hugging each other, and the boyfriend is kissing his girlfriend on the cheek while she is smiling super big
Mine Falls Park Photo Shoot | Nashua, NH | Kayla + Philip | The Francis Frames

Kayla and Philip met on Bumble and have a true success story! They were instantly smitten with each other from their first date, and quickly fell head over heels for one another. Their relationship seems like it has already lasted a lifetime. They are so kind and loving towards one another, but also really silly - it's obvious how well-matched they are as a couple. Well done, Bumble! ;)

The boyfriend is standing behind his girlfriend, his arms draped over her shoulders, and they're looking at each other. A prism in the lower left-hand side of the photograph has refracted the light in such a way that reflected the environment around the couple, and also cast a little rainbow!
Mine Falls Park Photo Shoot | Nashua, NH | Kayla + Philip | The Francis Frames

Kayla + Philip live in Virginia, but they came up to New England to visit their family, which is when they reached out to me about doing a session with them!

We met up on a rainy day in Nashua, NH and caught up over coffee + lunch at JajaBelle's, which was the perfect fuel we needed before heading to Mine Falls Park for a stroll. As soon as we started making our way to Mine Falls Park for their photo shoot, the rain stopped, and we were left with the moodiest, overcast lighting that dreams are made of.

Usually during sessions, I enjoy documenting the couple as they are, doing an activity they love doing together. Mine Falls Park was stunning, but in the area we were in, it was more challenging to find variety in backdrops for the photos. This lead me to get creative with my composition, and also allowed me to utilize some of my gadgets in my bag of tricks to enhance their photos, such as holding up glass prisms to my lens to refract the light in unique ways. I also gave them loads of prompts to encourage them to explore and be silly with each other, which made for loads of genuine smiles in the photographs, as well as fits of laughter when they realized I had captured really silly moments between the two of them.

I honestly lost track of time during this session because we had so much fun hanging out together in general, but we also just kept coming up with more ideas for them to give them the best gallery of photos! The photographs did come out so incredibly beautiful and romantic, and were full of their personalities, which is what it's all about :)

Thanks for coming along for this walk with us beneath the pine trees at Mine Falls Park in Nashua, NH! If you'd like to book a session of your own, head to the Contact page here on my website to get in touch! I can't wait to hear from you!!!

Thanks, and speak soon!


The Francis Frames


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