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Elegant Backyard Wedding Packed with Personality in Kensington, New Hampshire

Elegant Backyard Wedding Packed with Personality in Kensington, New Hampshire

Carissa + Max got married at Max's family's property in Kensington, NH on a gorgeous day in July. Max got ready upstairs at his family's house, and Carissa rented out a room at the Inn by the Bandstand in Exeter, NH. They had the most elegant backyard wedding packed with personality! I adore backyard weddings, and I especially adore them when they're elevated, thoughtful, and when the couple hires the necessary vendors to ensure their wedding day goes smoothly, eliminating any of the stress that may arise when hosting a backyard wedding. So if you're planning one, follow in Carissa + Max's footsteps by hiring catering, generators, all the necessary lighting and rentals, etc.

Carissa + Max got married in front of Max's mother's beloved flower garden, and the sun shined down on their guests, who were dressed to impress. At the end of the ceremony, Max's mother led them through a traditional Polish ceremony that began with bread and salt. To kick off the reception, a parent is supposed to greet them with bread sprinkled with some salt. The bread signifies the idea that the couple will never experience hunger, and the salt represents the fact that life is not always full of sweetness. The next part of the tradition involved Max's mother presenting two shot glasses for Carissa and Max. Each of them took a shot, except one shot was water, and one was vodka. According to the custom, the person who drinks the vodka is considered to be the more dominant person in the relationship. After taking the shots, the couple then throws their shot glasses behind them and, if they break, it's considered good luck for them and their marriage. Theirs definitely shattered, so ample amounts of good luck was sent their way!

Elegant Backyard Wedding Packed with Personality in Kensington, New Hampshire

After the ceremony, we walked around the house's property to get some portraits of just the two of them, which was SO much fun! One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is seeing how giddy and relaxed the couples are after the ceremony because the nerves have gone away and their true personalities shine through.

We took some family photo combinations, and then began the reception with dinner, emotional toasts, and Carissa + Max's first dance. Then the dancing began and WOW did this crew truly dance the night away! It was a beautiful, elegant, emotional day filled with fun, and I'm so pleased I was able to document it all for them.

I love looking back on Carissa + Max's wedding day, and experiencing the vibrancy, the love, and the joy that was felt all throughout their day. I hope that, even when Carissa + Max are 85-years-old, these photographs from their wedding take them back in time to experience these moments all over again, too.

If you're looking for a wedding photographer who documents your day like a fly on the wall with a little extra pizazz mixed in, then I would love to learn more about you, your partner, and your wedding day! I still have some 2024 availability, and I'm booking into 2025, so get in touch today!

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