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Sentimental Engagement Session at Mine Falls Park | Nashua, NH | Amanda + Mike

I had the absolute pleasure of documenting Amanda + Mike's engagement session in March 2021. The couple decided to have their engagement session at Mine Falls Park in Nashua, NH, a place they often visited, and even walked through on their first date!

I had been to Mine Falls Park once before for Kayla + Philip's couple session, but had never thoroughly explored the entire park. Let me tell youuuuu, the side that Amanda + Mike showed me was truly magical! Since they often came for walks through this park, I allowed them to lead the way and show me their favorite spots, and it was so much fun to see these cozy spots and also to hear the stories that came along with each area.

One spot, for instance, was a section right next to the river where Amanda used to go fishing as a kid. We wandered through the park and arrived by the falls, which was their favorite place out of the whole park and WOW, I totally understood why! It was absolutely stunning and calm and, although the rushing water drowned out our voices, it was peaceful. There were other folks enjoying the area as well, yet we managed to find a little spot to ourselves, which was really special. I had them do an activity there, but I'll get to that soon.

The sun streamed through the trees perfectly, giving us the most gorgeous nuggets of light to work with, which lead to warm, moody, and truly stunning engagement photos for them.

One thing I love to ask my couples in the Client Questionnaire I send them is what their love languages are. It may seem trivial, but that section of the questionnaire is essential for me. I take their answers about how they receive love, and I allow it to guide me through the session, and also to let their love languages help me come up with customized poses + prompts for the couple to engage in during their session with me: noting what moments will mean the most to them, how I can most effectively guide them in a prompted pose, and sometimes even an activity I'll incorporate into the session to help truly make it an experience they'll never forget.

Amanda and Mike's love languages were quality time and words of affirmation, so I came up with the idea to ask them to write a little poem for each other towards the end of their session. It could be as sweet, sentimental, or saucyyyy as they wanted, and I assured them that the water was rushing so loudly I wouldn't be able to hear a word of their poems when they read them out to each other. They each were up for it, and parted sat in quiet areas for a few minutes as they wrote their poems. When they finished, I had them face each other and read the poems, out of ear shot from me, and watched the magic unfold. Whatever Mike wrote got a priceless reaction out of Amanda, and Amanda's words for Mike got the biggest smile out of him. At the end, they embraced, and I told them to take the poems with them as a keepsake, and to remember this exciting moment by.

All in all, it was such an incredibly fun engagement session, and I felt so honored to help capture their love. The two of them were sweet and hilarious, and honestly felt like old friends, even though we had only just met.

They had their wedding a few months later in July, so stay tuned for photos from that day! They are incredibly gorgeous!! You're going to love everything they packed into their wedding day :) I feel SO freaking honored to have the pleasure to work with Amanda + Mike repeatedly - it's honestly the best feeling in the world as a photographer to be trusted time + time again with documenting life's beautiful, simple, and BIG moments. Amanda + Mike are definitely a couple like that for me. If you want a sneak peek at other photos I've taken of them throughout the past couple years, head over to my Instagram to see more from their wedding, mini-sessions, and even portrait sessions!

Thanks so much for reading, and speak soon!



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